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About D13 Toys

The owner of D13Toys is Chris Gawrych, a longtime toy industry veteran and current Production Manager for Four Horsemen Studios. Chris has helped bring many toys to action figure fans’ hands over the years, including the Mythic Legions, Cosmic Legions, and Figura Obscura lines from the 4H, as well as products from NECA and releases from many indie toy companies including Eagle Force, Plunderlings, Boglins, Chicken Fried Toys, and more. Please join him on his newest venture - Biblical Adventures!


Biblical Adventures

In early 2023, D13 Toys ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their new toy line - BIBLICAL ADVENTURES™ 


A fully detailed and educational action figure line bringing well known characters from the Bible to classrooms, religious institutions, and toy collections worldwide, each of these 1:12 scale figures is fully posable with 31 points of articulation, realistic details, fabric robes, and a variety of accessories. Each figure will also come in a hardcover package replicating a Bible, with a short biography in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, as well as a specific scripture relevant to the individual character written on faux parchment paper.

The BIBLICAL ADVENTURES™ toys are in production now with a delivery date expected in late 2023/early 2024.

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